Access To Healthy Eating

LiveWell Catawba collaborates to help create and support a sustainable and equitable food system for all of Catawba County.

Catawba County Food Council
The Catawba County Food Council was formed in fall 2018 to create a community-based work group that helps promote a more resilient food system. The Food Council brings together representatives from all sectors of the food system to build connections and collaborate to improve health, food access, natural resource protection, economic development, and production agriculture for all Catawba County citizens.

Members of the Local Food Council include representatives from:

  • Catawba County Backpack Program

  • Catawba County Cooperative Extension

  • Catawba County Public Health Farmers Market

  • Catawba County Public Health WIC

  • City of Hickory

  • Conover Farmers Market

  • ECCCM (Eastern Catawba Cooperative Christian Ministry)

  • Farm Bureau

  • GHCCM (Greater Hickory Cooperative Christian Ministry)

  • Habitat for Humanity

  • Hickory Public Schools – School Nutrition

  • Highland Avenue

  • The Corner Table

The Catawba County Food Council is currently receiving assistance with council development from Community Food Strategies. Community Food Strategies works to empower local food councils with knowledge and organizational capacity to positively impact their community’s local food and farm economy. For more information on Community Food Strategies, visit their website at

If you would like to join the Catawba County Food Council or would like additional information, please contact:

Lindsay Stockman, CSAPC
Community Health Coordinator
Phone: 828.695.6643