LiveWell Out of School Time

LiveWell Catawba creates and supports a culture of wellness in out-of-school environments across the community by utilizing a coordinated approach.

Alliance for a Healthier Generation: Healthy Out-of-School Time Initiative

The Alliance for a Healthier Generation’s Healthy-Out-of-School Time Initiative supports out of school time programs in creating stimulating, healthy environments that help kids eat better and move more in ways that support their social, emotional, and academic development. Through our partnership with the Alliance, LiveWell Catawba is able to leverage a platform, process, expertise, and resources that serve as a foundation for our out of school program-led support and technical assistance. 

By participating in the Healthy-Out-of-School Time Initiative, out of school programs are eligible to receive resources and assistance to create and support a culture of wellness within their programs. As part of the Healthy Out-of-School Time Initiative out of school time programs assess their programs and develop action plans based upon best practices and establish goals for their program.

CATCH Kids Club

Another tool and resource available related to the Healthy Out-of-School Time Initiative, is CATCH Kids Club. CATCH (Coordinated Approach to Child Health) Kids Club is an evidence-based program specifically designed for elementary and middle school aged children in after-school or summer setting. CATCH Kids Club includes nutrition and physical activity components both children, staff and families enjoy. CATCH Kids Club provides children with the knowledge and skills to make healthy food choices and be physically active- in a format that is fun and engaging for all. Out of school time programs participating in the Healthy Out-of-School Time Initiative have the opportunity to include CATCH Kids Club as part of their action planning goals. For additional information on CATCH Kids Club, visit

If you would like would like additional information or have questions, please contact:

Ashley Rink
Community Health Coordinator
Phone: 828.695.6646