Mission, Vision, & Priorities

Mission, Vision, and Priorities

LiveWell Catawba is a nonprofit organization committed to creating and supporting a culture of wellness for all of Catawba County. The vision of LiveWell Catawba is a healthier community and enhanced quality of life for all people in Catawba County. LiveWell Catawba’s mission is to foster partnerships that sustainably improve Catawba County’s health priorities. The 2020 to 2022 health priorities are chronic disease, behavioral health, and healthy foods & healthy weight.


LiveWell Catawba began as Catawba County Health Partners, a partnership formed to assure that priority was given and resources were allocated to the most important issues affecting the health and well-being of Catawba County, in 2005. It became a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in 2006 with a vision of partnering together to enhance the quality of life for all people in Catawba County.

In October 2017, the Board of Directors for Catawba County Health Partners formally introduced a new name for the coalition, LiveWell Catawba. Catawba County Health Partners has long been a hub of information and activity that supports a healthier Catawba County. LiveWell Catawba continues to focus on the current health priorities within a broader framework of creating a culture of wellness in Catawba County.

Catawba County Public Health serves as LiveWell Catawba’s backbone agency. LiveWell Catawba also receives support from Catawba Valley Health System and Frye Regional Medical Center- Duke LifePoint.